Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Lighthouse", "Secret Ladder", "Nashville".... Oct. news!

Hi friends!                                         Oct. 10st, 2014

I hope everyone is having a lovely FALL.... the leaves are turning, chili is on the stove, football is on the tv, and I'm LOVIN' IT!  
If you haven't gone to I-tunes to download "Lighthouse", the new CD by Scott MacIntyre... GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!   Yes, I co-wrote a track "Sacred Space" which is on this record,  and I'm very proud of the song.....but even if I didn't have a song on the album, I would tell you to GO BUY IT NOW!!   Every song is GREAT, the production is GREAT, and Scott's voice is stronger and better than ever!   It is truly a moving and inspiring piece of work so I'm tellin' ya... GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!   You'll thank me later.  :-)

Also… my current favorite Boss, Mr. Christopher Cross has a brand new CD that was just released in September!  It is FABULOUS…  We will be out touring a lot this fall, promoting this new project.  Please check for all the upcoming dates and latest info.

AND…. the brand new season of ABC’s “Nashville” has started and I’ve been having a lot of fun taping a few episodes as part of Deacon Claybourne’s band so if you tune in, you MIGHT catch a glimpse of me here and there.  :-)

 That's about it for now.... always check my calendar for any new dates that might pop up.  We are heading to the Phillipines later this month for a couple of shows in Manila.  THAT should be an interesting trip!  :-)
Don't forget to check my blog now and then for more updates:
Love to you all.... 

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