Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump....

The American people have spoken.... and I think they have spoken loud and clear.

No, I did not vote for Donald Trump.  I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton, mainly because I have been happy with the progress our country has enjoyed under the Presidency of Barack Obama and I felt she would do the best at continuing his legacy.

But people were fueled by the "anti-government" movement that he ran on.  And I get it.  They wanted a change.  And I get it.  They were tired of "crooked government", and they lumped "crooked Hillary" into that, hating her enough to vote Donald Trump into the highest office in our country.  A man who has never held public office or served in our military is now our POTUS-elect.

I am shocked.  But God is not.

As a Christian, I believe our God is ultimately in control.  And I rest in that.

What I will do now is start praying for Donald Trump, just like I did each day for Barack Obama. I will pray that God will move his heart to be a great leader for our country.  I pray he will make changes that will help heal our country and unite us rather than divide us.  I pray that the people who feel marginalized will be heard and he will be, as he said in his acceptance speech, truly a president for ALL Americans.

Let me be clear.  I do not want Donald Trump to fail.  I love my country way too much for that.  Just because I didn't vote for him doesn't mean that I want to be right so badly that I want to see him fail - just so I could say, "See?  I told you he wasn't fit to be our POTUS!".   I want to be wrong about him. I truly do.

I did my research.  I prayed.  I voted my conscience.  Done.

Now I shall go back to the business of loving my family, my friends, and everyone I can around me.  I'll do the work that the Lord has put in front of me today with a happy heart and a hopeful outlook.  I will rest in my faith and know that God's will WILL be done, no matter WHO is POTUS.

Ya'll just love on each other today.  That's what WE can all do to make this country better.  Don't leave it in the hands of our government.  Don't put all your faith in Donald Trump to make things better for our country.  WE can make things better for our country by showing love and support to each other, day in and day out.  THAT'S how to make America great again.

Dear Lord, may you heal our country and guide our President-Elect to lead us well. To love us well.  To guide us well.  May you also calm the worried and the hurting today, reminding them that You are greater than any man, and you remain the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  YOU are the one thing we can all rely on.

God Bless America.

God is good... all the time.

Love ya'll,

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