Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas time's a comin'... and Twelve Against Nature is BACK!

Hi friends....          Dec. 4th, 2015

Last month, I could hardly write my monthly update because of the horrible Paris attacks that were weighing on me.  Now, this month, I'm reeling from the mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA.   Yes, we are living in scary times folks.  If I didn't have my deep faith that God is in control, even though we seem to be out-of-control, and that GOOD will trump over evil in the end, I'd be curled up in a ball in the basement of my home, refusing to come out and see the light of day.   

However, as a Christian, it’s my belief that we are not supposed to live in a spirit of fear.  We are to be bold and brave.   I wake up every day and intentionally choose to have HOPE and JOY even in the midst of world chaos.  I try to find ways to bring that HOPE and JOY into the lives of those around me, and then pray for our world leaders, that they might have their hearts guided to do the right thing. 

As this Christmas season approaches, I hope you can all find ways to enjoy the peace of the season.  Many are dealing with grief this year.  That is in our family as well, with us celebrating the first Christmas without my dear Father.   There will be sad moments and I’m ready for tears to hit at any time.  But as I recall our last Christmas, sitting in the ER with my poor Dad on Christmas Eve and then spending Christmas Day in the hospital, I realize that he truly IS in a much better place this year.  He is pain-free, reunited with my Mom, and walking with our Lord!  How can I be sad about that???   I will raise a glass of wine to toast him this year…. he and Mom will be with us in spirit… and we will be happy for whatever blessings come our way.   And we ARE a blessed family. That I know.

I’ve seen many people complaining on social media lately about people saying they are “praying” for those who are going through hard times, or being affected by tragedy.  Many think it’s a hollow statement.  I guess if someone says it and doesn’t really MEAN it, then yes, it’s hollow.  But I covet prayers from my family and friends.  I know that the Lord hears those prayers and I have felt lifted up… in times when I know I should have been crumpled up in a ball….and I know it’s because people were praying for me and God answered those prayers by giving me peace that passes all understanding.  When you find yourself in those moments, you can’t help but realize there is a greater force out there lifting you up.  It’s powerful.  It’s real.   And I thank each of you that have been praying for me and my family throughout this difficult year of grieving.

I have one more show this year… our annual “Twelve Against Nature”/ “Make Me Smile” holiday extravaganza at 3rd and Lindsley this Thursday, December 10th.

  You can get tickets here:  Twelve Against Nature/MMS tickets  If you love the music of the bands “Chicago” and “Steely Dan”, you won’t want to miss this fantastic annual show!  

After that show, I'm going to shut it down until January and relax a bit with my family and friends.  I truly hope everyone also makes time to slow down and enjoy family and friends this holiday season.  Relationships are what life is all about.  There is nothing more important.
I am grateful for you all…. have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

Much love,

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