Friday, November 15, 2013

My guy ROCKS.....

I've been trying to get my insanely talented husband to get his own website for YEARS now.... and he finally did it!!  

Even if for no other reason, there's a place now to use this AWESOME picture I shot of him on a trip to Clarksdale, Mississippi a couple of years ago.  Have I got an eye for photography or what?????  :-)

My guy ROCKS the blues... and country.... and even a little "pop" now and then if i beg...  :-)

Ya'll check out his new site.... it's pretty cool!  


  1. How fun to browse through all the pictures and list of accomplishments! He is one talented hubby! You have good reason to be proud! Got a kick out of seeing his photo with Lt. Dan. Gary Sinise is my hero. Love all he does for our veterans!

    You guys have waaaaay too much talent in your family! Blessed - and THEN some!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for checking it out Diane! Yes, he's accomplished quite alot and I'm very proud of him! I believe he did a USO Tour with Gary Sinise a few years ago, which is when they met. Good guy!! Miss you honey!!