Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birmingham and "Honor Flight, the movie".....

We had a LOVELY time in Birmingham this weekend.....

Marcia, Rob, Kim

Our "still-to-be-named" trio, which is me, Rob Harris and Kim Parent got to head down south to the lovely town of Birmingham, AL and play a COOL venue called "Workplay".  We were there as part of "The Writer's Share" music series, which was started by my friend Max Berueffy.  

They have a super cool thing going on down there and we were thrilled to be a part of it all this weekend!

Thanks to Max, and Tom Williams, the owner of "Workplay" for having us!!  

Marcia, Rob, Kim, and "Workplay" owner Tom Williams

After we got back home, I got the chance to take Daddy to a free screening of the documentary "Honor Flight" about the WWII Veteran's Honor Flights, at the historic Franklin Theatre.  I would encourage everyone to check out this wonderful movie..... but beware, you'll need some tissues!  Incredibly moving and inspiring!!  

Dad and Me

Overall, a wonderful long weekend.... but I gotta admit I'm a bit overdue for a day OFF, and I'm taking one tomorrow!  They are predicting the possibility of SNOW FLURRIES tomorrow, so if you need me, I'll be home in my pj's making chili... and chillin'.   

Love ya'll.... M

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