Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UPDATE ON MOM 2/6/13 - "Baby Steps"

I woke up to a text message from my friend Ellen, who has been taking the "night shift" with Mom at the hospital.  The text said, "Your Mom has a surprise for you when you get here this morning!"  SO.... I decided to forgo my shower (i'm sorry everyone i saw today!) and rush over to Skyline to see what kind of "surprise" I'd find.

When I walked into the room, Ellen pulled the cover off of her breakfast tray and I saw this:

Of course, I immediately started to cry.

I had asked everyone to specifically pray that she would start eating because 9 days with no food is hard on anyone, especially an already weak 86 yr old.  Man, that prayer got answered FAST!!  Yay!

Unfortunately, that euphoria didn't last.  By noon she was refusing to eat again, and although I tried to do a few PT exercises with her legs, she screamed out in pain everytime I touched her and I found that frustrating. At one point she even yelled, "Stop bothering me!"  Sigh.  -- When the doctor came in, I asked him, "Why is she screaming in pain at the slightest touch and why won't she open her eyes?" .. and he said, "Well, she's probably overly sensitive to any stimulus right now.... and as far as her eyes go, well....I have found that when you are 86 and sick, sometimes you just don't wanna open your eyes!"  

Gee, thanks Doc.  That sure cleared things up.

Then he gently reminded me that she isn't going to heal as quickly as a younger person would. It feels like she isn't getting better quick enough for MY timeline, but then again, who said anything was gonna happen on MY timeline, right?  

Guess I'll have to learn to be content with Baby Steps..... 

Aaaaaaand..... Ellen just texted me to say she just ate all her apple sauce... and did her breathing exercises!   Apparently Ellen has the magic touch!!   Thank you God for good friends who have servants hearts like sweet Elly!  

Thanks again for all your continued prayers and concern for her progress.   This whole ordeal has been easier knowing I'm not doing it alone.

Love you all..... M

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