Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Control the Controllables"

"Control the controllables and leave the uncontrollables to God." - Kay Warren

I've been reading "Choose Joy' by Kay Warren with my Thursday morning community group.  I'll have to admit that I was a bit hesitant about reading this book, mainly because I consider myself to be a pretty "joyful" person most of the time, so I wasn't really expecting to find so many little "life nuggets" in here that I'd find all that applicable.  Boy was I wrong.... this book is exactly what I needed to read right now.   Why?  Well.....

....through a series of recent events, I've definitely found myself at a "crossroads" in my life.  I've been up and down emotionally about it all, but even at my low points, I still have faith that God is in the middle of this mess and that He WILL show me which direction I need to go from here.    Of course, I want Him to show me NOW, but obviously God's got other plans.

I was discussing my situation with my group yesterday morning.  I explained how my husband and I had taken a big step of faith recently and we've been waiting for God to make a move now and show us which direction to go from here, and we aren't getting any big signs.   I mean, we've definitely gotten some little "God winks" which makes me sure we did the right thing, however, my human nature is frustrated that things aren't moving along faster for us in a specific direction.  My wise friend Donna said, "Maybe it's because God just wants you to be still for awhile."

"Be still and know that I am God" -- Psalm 46:10

I love it when God uses my friends to speak truth to me.  Yes, I believe Donna is right.  God wants us to be still right now.  Then when things start moving, it will be clear that it wasn't OUR power that made them move, it was God.  I believe God is using this time to humble us and remind us that HE is in control.

"Control the controllables and leave the uncontrollables to God."

Ok... it's becoming quite clear what I can NOT control.  So what CAN I control?

1. My physical aspect  -- I can make healthy choices to take care of my body.  I can exercise and eat right... making sure I'm as strong as I can possibly be.

2. My emotional aspect --   Making sure my wounds from past painful circumstances are addressed and dealt with so they don't continue to steal my daily joy.

3. My spiritual aspect --  Using this "downtime" to feed my soul, appreciating the quiet, and really dig in to get to know God better.  I mean, how can you follow someone you don't really know?

"You are as close to God as you want to be"

If you feel a coolness in your relationship with God, it certainly isn't because God has drifted away.  The bible assures us over and over that His love is steadfast and that He is never-changing.  So if there is a distance between you and God, it's you that has drifted.... and only you can close that gap.

So... I'm taking this time and using it for a little "gap closing".   That's one thing I CAN control.

How 'bout you?  Are you struggling with something you desperately want to control, but obviously can't?


  1. Fantastic post, Marcia! The challenge in your parting thought is gut wrenching and inspiring. Rockin' stuff, thanks again!

  2. Thanks for reading Angelo!! Sure HATE not hooking up while you were in town.... maybe next time!!
    Have a great weekend!