Sunday, December 17, 2017

Friday Favs with/Marcia Ep5

Hey friends!

I recently started doing a video each Friday on my Facebook page. I call it "Friday Favorites", and I share some of my personal favorite things that I'm loving these days. Other people chime in with their own "Friday Fav's" and it's been so cool to use social media as a tool to learn from one another rather than to argue about politics.  (Not that I would engage in that behavior.... lol).   Anyway, this is keeping me busy on a more positive note!

I decided to start sharing them here on my blog as well, for those of you who aren't connected with me on Facebook.  Please excuse the no-make up/pajama thing.  It was "pajama day" for me and NOTHING and NO ONE gets in the way of my pajama day!

I hope you guys are having a beautiful holiday season...

Lots of love,

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