Sunday, November 19, 2017

Roby Duke - Bridge Divine

I first heard this song about two months ago, sitting in my dressing room before one of the last Christopher Cross shows on our Australian tour.  My dear friend Andy Suzuki had been telling me about Roby's music for awhile, as Andy had had the privilege of doing some touring and recording with Roby back in the 90's. We were killing some time before a show and Andy brought this to me with some headphones and said, "Hey, check out this tune. I think you'll dig it."

The tears started flowing as soon as I heard the first line of this amazing song. I was immediately captured and captivated by Roby's soulful voice, haunting melody and rhythmic guitar playing.  When Andy's beautiful flute and saxophone playing entered the track it took it to a whole new level.  I was truly a sobbing mess by the end of the tune.  I read where another blogger described this song as "the perfect picture of the heart of a believer as they ponder their own passing and the fate of a lost world."  I couldn't agree with that description more. 

There is live video of Roby performing this song on Dec.23rd, 2007.  No one could have possibly known that he would be crossing the BRIDGE DIVINE only 3 days later.  Why God called this talented and beautiful soul home so early I won't know this side of heaven.  It seems so unfair. We need more Roby's in this world. But God never promised life would be "fair". And at least we have the legacy of Roby's music to help soothe us while we navigate our own journeys.

So sit down in front of some great sounding speakers, or put on a good pair of headphones. Close your eyes. Listen to this masterpiece. It SLAYS me.  I believe you will be blessed by it today too. 

Thank you Roby Duke.... you are a treasure.

Oh....... and thank you Andy Suzuki.  :-) 

When the roll — is called up yonder
I believe — that I’ll be there
Though I am the same
With the same need as always

So they say — the soul is free to
Choose a path — to each his own
Living in the same world
Under the same pale moon

CH:  And some change will do us all some good
It’s good for one to find
That there is no stairway to heaven
Only a bridge divine

They tell me change — change is needed
To keep the world — from growing old
And we all have the same dreams
For our children — as always

He hung the earth — up on nothing
Said to a storm — Peace Be Still
What more could we give them
Something that would keep them safe
Forever… and ever 


They tell me hearts — are torn asunder
By the pain of moving on
We’re riding on the same rails
Upon a train that’s bound for forever

I hope you know
You’re still my good friend
But when the saints go marching in
I would like to turn and — see your face

So be there…..