Friday, September 16, 2016

Soul keeping....

As I read Psalm 139:13 this morning, two words jumped out at me for the first time.  “For you created my INMOST BEING”.  I realized right then that INMOST BEING means the soul. God created our soul. 

After reading John Ortberg’s “Soul Keeping” last year (one of my FAV books!), I have become much more aware of the needs of my soul and try to tend to it properly. That book showed me that I don’t have a soul. I have a BODY.  I AM a soul.  It is the essence of who I am. It is my “inmost being” and the part of me that was truly created by God to be in union with Him.

“When you try to live independently of Me, you experience emptiness and dissatisfaction.” We aren’t fully ourselves when living away from the source of our creation. I went through a time in my life where I tried that. I had been abandoned by some Christian friends during a time when I needed them the most and I twisted that around in my mind to think that GOD had abandoned me. So I said, “Ok, then screw this baloney!  I’ll do this on my own and BE JUST FINE.”   But I wasn’t just fine. I was messed up. And I stayed messed up for quite awhile until I realized that God was the only way out of the mess I had made. And just like the father in Luke 15 welcomed his prodigal son back into his loving care with a PARTY, my heavenly Father did the same for me. Now I know that living life without my Creator means living life with an empty and lost soul. 

 Lord, thank you for leading my soul into the only union that makes it truly feel complete. In Jesus’ name. #JesusCalling #MorningJournal2016

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