Friday, July 11, 2014

Django's here!!!

Lately, it's been "cool" to talk about how bad social media is.    Do people misuse social media?  Sure... we all do at times, but just because  people mess it up,  doesn't mean it is something we all need to label as "bad" or stay away from.  There are MANY good things about social media and how the internet has made the world a much smaller place.  One of those things that I LOVE about it is how I've been able to reconnect with people/friends of my past that I had lost track of.  There were SO many friends that I grew up with in little Arkadelphia, Arkansas that had slipped off my radar and I wondered at times if I would EVER find out where they ended up, what professions they chose,  what their families looked like now.   If it weren't for the internet....ok, let's just say it out loud people....all together now,  "FACEBOOK"... we might have never found each other again.    It has been a treat to rekindle old friendships, and learn to relate to each other as adults.

One of those old friendships that I am SO grateful for is my childhood friend, Lynette Cox.  She is now "V.L. Cox",  a professional artist, based out of Little Rock, AR and I'm tellin' ya... that girl is CRAZY TALENTED! She has her art in many selected collections, including the Historic Arkansas Museum,  The Morris Museum of Art,  The William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States Collection, and many others.  She has even had some art on loan in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion for the last six years, and I saw where V.L.'s piece was acknowledged by the First Lady of Arkansas, Ginger Beebe, as one of The Governor's favorite pieces.   Check this out:

  For more information about my talented friend, go here:  

Not only is V.L. Cox incredibly talented, but she is also one of the most giving and loving people I know.  Following her life on her FB page only shows a glimpse of how much she does for those around her.  And NOW... she did THIS:

Using her signature style, using vintage refrigerator doors, she painted DJANGO for us!!!!   She knew how much he meant to us and wanted to do something to remember him by!  You can't EVEN imagine the tears I've been shedding since getting this beautiful piece of art in the mail today!  She gave me a little history on the door she used for "Django"... it is the front of a very old wooden icebox from the early 1900's, out of Menifee, Arkansas... it was the perfect size for our little guy!  I seriously can't begin to thank V.L. for this generous gift, but I will gratefully accept it and hope to help spread the word about this amazing girl and her amazing artistry!!  

So THANK YOU, Lynette Cox, my childhood friend.. and now grown-up friend!  You made this family VERY happy today!!  Much love and gratitude to you!!

Everyone go check out more of V.L. Cox's art:


  1. So glad I took a few minutes to read your blog just now, Marcia! I echo your sentiments about the internet, and FB in particular. And thank you for sharing such a heartwarming and tear inducing story! Hope we cross paths sometime soon, but in the meantime it is nice to loosely keep up with you on FB. <3

    1. Paula... thanks for reading! ... and yes, it's nice to keep up with you on FB, but that is NOT enough! We need to get together sometime soon and have a proper catch up!

  2. I so agree with you about facebook my friend. I just love a little one minute catch up that it gives me with so many people ever day! And I LOVE the heart of your friend and that painting is priceless. It made me tear just a little. Thank you!

    1. Austin... thank you for reading and commenting! I just HAD to share "Django" with everyone and also share "V.L.".... if it weren't for reconnecting on Facebook, I would have never gotten this blessing! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!