Saturday, June 29, 2013

An almost anniversary, Christopher Cross, and mailbox money.

How beautiful are they?   Young and in love.  Mom and Dad right after they got engaged.   They kinda look like Lucy and Desi, don't they?  :-)       

If Mom were still with us, we would have had a big party this past Thursday to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.                          

Here's the only pic I have from their wedding day.  June 27th, 1948.  

So precious......

Miss you Mom.

Instead of a party, I was rehearsing that day.  Not for just any old gig either.   I was rehearsing to sing with CHRISTOPHER CROSS.  Yes, THE Christopher Cross.... The one who wrote the soundtrack to my coming of age. 

The year was 1980. I still have vivid memories of loading up my 1976 Red Chevette with the yellow racing stripes full of everything I owned out of my little princess pink bedroom, and moving to Hot Springs, AR to begin my life as a professional singer.  (Ok, it was just a summer gig in a theme park, but I WAS getting paid to sing, so.... go with it, ok?)... and as I hopped in my loaded Chevette, to drive away from my parents house to begin my life as an adult (ok, I did end up moving back into their house 3 months later, but that's another story...), I rolled my windows down and drove from Arkadelphia to Hot Springs, (a whole 35 miles!) singing "Ride Like The Wind", "Say You'll Be Mine" and "Sailing" at the top of my lungs.  Oh, how I loved Christopher Cross!!!!!     

You can imagine my excitement to get to meet and SING with this amazing musician.   Here we are together backstage in the dressing room.   Can you tell I'm happy?  Maybe just a little.  :-)

Of course, after that highlight of my week (ok, of my life).  I got a shocking jolt back to the reality of my life, as I opened my mail to get some mighty big "mailbox money".  

Now really..... what do they expect me to DO with all of that money????    So many decisions!!   A cruise?   Trip to Disneyworld?   I'm not sure that would be enough for gas money to Smyra,... but hey... like my friend Jessie was quick to point out, "It's $11.54 more than you had yesterday!".   She is oh so right.   I'm blessed... and I know it.   

How was YOUR week?


  1. I love love love the pics of your parents. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Cole...... they are so special to me. :-)

  3. I like your music and i can relate to them .Keep reaching for the stars one day you will go beyond them.

  4. Proud to be mentioned in one of your blogs. I may not comment in all, but, I do read them. A little late w/this one...been busy trying to save my tomatoes! (didn't work, they gone) Darn rain and bad wind last week did them in...

    1. Oh NO!! You lost ALL your tomatoes???? We planted a little late, but we have been very careful with our garden this year -- we are hoping to have TONS of tomatoes soon. I'll send ya some of ours! :-)