Saturday, February 23, 2013

James Casto's "Grateful".....

Last night I had the privilege of being a part of a very special night at "The Velvet Note", which is a club in the Atlanta, GA area.  My dear friend James Casto asked me and my buddy Kim Parent to come down and perform two shows with him.  Of course I had booked this show long before I knew that Mom would get sick and eventually pass away, so at one point I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to actually DO the show.   However, it was just another example of God going before me, and planning out my path in His perfect way.   Thanks to Tamara and all the great people at "The Velvet Note" and to all the wonderful friends who came out to our shows.... Last night was exactly what I needed.

Music is so healing.  It never ceases to amaze me how it can touch our souls in a way words alone cannot.  I did pretty good during both shows, holding back my tears from flowing into pools of water on the stage.... well, I did until the last song of both shows.  James Casto's "Grateful".  THAT SONG SLAYS ME EVERYTIME.    As he launched into the beautiful piano riff, I could feel my eyes welling up before he even sang the first line.... but when he got to this chorus, I gave up trying to hold it together:

"And I hope that I'll see you again real soon
But if it's our last time on earth, to meet
May the gold on the roads of heaven
Feel good on the soles of our feet."

I could imagine my sweet Mama, young and beautiful, running on those streets of gold... her little feet no longer swollen from diabetes.  She no longer had to wince from just taking a small step... she could RUN.... freely.....without pain.   I could see her smiling at me from heaven... waving to me... letting me know she was alright.  It was a magical moment for me.   I looked over at my friend Kim, and grabbed her hand.  She looked in my eyes and smiled... nodded at me as if to say, "I feel it too... this song is anointed." 

SO.... do yourself a favor.... check out James Casto's music.  There aren't many cd's that I keep in my car at all times, but James' music is always in my car.  It never fails to make me smile when I turn it on, and lately I've been needing alot of smile prompting.   He's a talented guy and an amazing human being.  

... and the BEST news is:  We have more shows booked together!!  Look for us in Nashville at The Bluebird Cafe on Friday, April 12th... AND in Tullahoma, TN on Sat. April 13th!!    The beautiful and talented Kim Parent will also be with us again, and the wonderful JP Williams will be joining us in the 4th chair ITR at The Bluebird Cafe, so I KNOW it will be a special, special night!    Ya'll put it on your calendars NOW.  :-)  

So tonight... I'm grateful for "Grateful".. and for James Casto, who God chose to be the vessel for that amazing song which helped me find some peace and closure that I desperately needed.   

Man, I love music. 

.... and I love ya'll..... M

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