Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I can't thank everyone enough for all your kind words, comments, thoughts and prayers over the last few days.  Social media can get a bad rap sometimes, but it has truly gotten me thru some difficult moments while I have struggled to make sense of what has been going on with my poor Mother!   Sitting alone in the hospital wasn't as lonely because I could always go on Facebook or Twitter and see prayers being lifted up for her and/or words of encouragement to me.  THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

Ok.. As most of you know, we have gone from "She's had a stroke" to "She hasn't had a stroke, she's just dehydrated" to "She's got arthritis in her knee and just needs PT because she's gotten lazy"... and now we are "She has an infected gall bladder with gall stones that have lodged in the main bile duct."    We were scheduled to have her gall bladder removed today, however, after just speaking with her surgeon, things have changed once again.

Here's the latest:

She has to actually have 2 different operations.  One will take out the gall stones that are lodged in her bile duct.  That is scheduled for tomorrow.  Then, she will have a 2nd operation to actually remove the gall bladder.  That operation is tentatively set for Friday, depending on how she does with the first operation tomorrow.  -- And they are waiting until tomorrow to start this process because of the bad infection and they want her to be on antibiotics for 24 hrs before they do ANY procedure (they started the antibiotics this morning through her IV).  The reason for the antibiotics first is because she's diabetic and is at a higher risk for more infection... AND she's 86 and fragile already so these procedures are NOT without possible complications and risks.  So please keep her in your prayers over the next few days.  I wish I could update each person who is concerned individually, but it's not possible.  Right now I'm totally wiped out since I haven't slept since Monday night....  so after I see a couple more doctors, I plan on trying to go home for a bit and get a little sleep.  

One more thing....I have deeply appreciated every single note, message, text and phone call that has been extended towards us since Saturday when all this started.  We have felt your prayers and know that we are being lifted up through this whole situation.   I know that God's hand is in this and His will WILL be done.  It's hard to watch Mother suffer, but at least they now have a correct diagnosis and she's on pain meds and resting more comfortably.

I will try to update this page often so you'll know how she is doing each day!   Thank you all for loving my Mama and me enough to carry us through this with your prayers and encouragement!!

love you all.... Marcia


  1. Love you so much Marcia! And I understand what you are going through. Know that you can call me ANYTIME if you need ANYTHING!!!!

  2. Love you too Laney! So glad to know you are there for me!! :-)