Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Hubs and The Golden Globes....

I'm a sucker for award shows.  I just love to see all the pretty people looking extra tan and bedazzeled.  My husband, however, is NOT impressed.  No matter how I try to coax him to watch with me, he always finds some excuse to get out of it.   Now that I think of it, when we were dating he would watch an awards show with me.  But then again, I'd go camping with him, so.... I guess there are just some things you stop feeing the need to share once you're married.  :-)

The Golden Globes are tonight.  As he left the house for a rehearsal this afternoon, this was our conversation:

The Hubs: "What time do the awards start tonight?"
Me:  "7:00 I think"
The Hubs:  "Ok, I'll make sure I'm home by 7:00 then!"

What has caused this "awards show turn-around" you ask??   Well, because, I'm proud to say that The Hubs (aka "Mike Waldron") is playing guitar on a song that is NOMINATED for "Song of the Year" at this year's Golden Globes!!   The song is "Not Running Anymore" by Jon Bon Jovi and is featured in the movie "Stand Up Guys" starring Al Pacino and Christopher Walken.  The movie hasn't been released yet (comes out in February), but somehow the song qualified for this year's award shows.

SO..... here is the "Official Video" for the song.  Tune in tonight and root for The Hubs... oh, and Mr. Bon Jovi.  ;-)

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