Sunday, October 7, 2012


Saw this today and LOVED it.  Truly being grateful for the things we have in this world can change everything.   It can change our outlook, our attitude, our stress-level, our joyfulness.  It can be the difference in us having a bad day or a GREAT day.  It can make us feel some measure of success, no matter where we are in this life.

For awhile last year I would always try and list 3 things every night before I went to bed that I was grateful for, and then I somehow got out of the habit of doing it.  I'm going to try and rekindle that habit, because I truly feel it makes a difference in my life when I wind each day up reflecting on the things I do have to be grateful for.  I'll admit that some days, I struggle with coming up with 3 things... LOL.... but I always manage to find them in my day.  Some days, the things I'm grateful for are BIG blessings.  And then some days, it might be something as mundane as "pizza delivery"... but hey, who isn't grateful for the person who came up with pizza delivered to your DOOR.  Seriously, right???

So, why don't you join me?  Try it for one week.... see if it doesn't make a difference.  Make it your last tweet of the day.  Or your last Facebook status update of the day.  Or simply just write them down on a piece of paper by your nightstand.  Then at the end of the week, you can look back on 21 things you are grateful for.  It might actually make you see your life in a little different light and realize that you have alot more blessings in your life than you thought.  I'm guilty of taking my blessings for granted.  Maybe this will help me change that.

Here's my 3 things to start:  "tonight I'm grateful for my two loving sons, unexpected work that came my way, and wonderful worship this morning @crosspoint_tv"

Now tell me... what are you grateful for???  :-)

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