Monday, October 1, 2012

"Chasing A Dream"

Everybody has a dream, right?   Most of us have a pretty clear picture in our minds about how we want our futures to unfold.   We all have dreams like:

"--where you want to be in your career
--where you'd like to live
--what your marriage will be like
--what your kids will accomplish
--the kind of mark you'll make on the world"

There is nothing wrong with having dreams.  I believe that many of our dreams are God-given.  God blesses us with gifts and talents and I believe he gives us dreams so we can use those talents for His glory.  The problem is that sometimes "these dreams become so desirable that you begin to think they can give you what only God can give.  You may even be tempted to abandon your God-given values in the pursuit of your God-given dreams."  

Just remember one thing:  "Your dreams, no matter how wonderful they may be, will always make a lousy god."

I used to be a big "dreamer".  And I really believed that if those dreams ever came true, I would feel complete.  I would be happy.   I was convinced that those dreams would give me long-lasting joy and peace... and I started buying into the lie that if those dreams didn't come true, I'd be miserable.  Boy was I wrong.   I actually have learned along the way, that some of those "dreams" I had would have actually been my worst nightmare, had they come true.   I've learned that my plans don't always coincide with God's plans, and His are always better.  

"There's a lot about what happens to us in life that we cannot control.  What we can control, however, is our willingness to seek God in the midst of all the craziness.  Surrendering doesn't mean we spend less energy on pursuing our dreams, but it does mean we spend less nervous energy.  It means we see our dreams for what they are -- possibilities and promises and goals, not sources of our peace and security."

"Maybe in this moment, God is showing you something in your life that you know you need to let go of -- or at least hold with open hands.  It may be something good.  It may even be something from Him.  But it's something you've been trusting to give you what only God can provide."

Yes. That's me.  I definitely have something that I need to hold on to with open hands.  Something that I've taken for granted.  Something I thought was going so well, and now is very broken.   However, I know that "it's those unexpected shattered-dream moments that provide us with twists and turns in life where we meet God.  Rarely do we surrender when we feel strong and in control.  But when a dream is shattered, when life takes an unexpected turn and veers out of control, that's when we fall to our knees.  That's when a new dream can grow."

It's Monday, October 1st.  I'm growing a new dream today.  How 'bout you?   Anyone else need to "Let Go and Let God" today?   If so, let me know and I'll pray for you.  Please pray for me too.

Have a great week friends!!  -- Enjoy the FALL... my favorite time of the year!

*all quotations are from Pete Wilson's book "Empty Promises"

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