Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let Hope In, Lambshops, and October!!

My dear pastor, Pete Wilson, has a new book titled, "Let Hope In" that releases TODAY.

I'm SO excited that I pre-ordered in BULK yesterday (I ordered 10 copies!).  Pete's first two books, "Plan B" and "Empty Promises" both spoke so much truth in my life.  I have no doubt this new book will too.  I mean, let's face it.... we all could use a little extra hope now and then, right?  So bring it ON!!  .. or IN.  ;-)  

Now, I have a favor to ask you all.  Most of you know that I work closely with a non-profit orphan-care ministry called, "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach".  When you go order Pete's book, there is an EASY way to help BFGO at the same time and it doesn't cost you ONE SINGLE PENNY.

Most people order books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.... and you can still do that, just simply go here first:  http://www.lambshops.com/causes/beautiful-feet-global-outreach-inc and when you order through Amazon or MANY other websites, those companies give a portion of your money to BFGO!  It's that simple!  All you have to do is sign up through Lampshops one time, and then anytime you are shopping online, you can help give back!  You can go through our Lambshops site to order movie tix from Fandango, your pet medications from 1-800-petmeds, or pictures through Shutterfly.  Other stores you can access via Lambshops are:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Beaches Ace Hardware, At&t, Bookit.com, GoDaddy.com, Hotwire, Nascar.com, NFL.com, Nutrisystem, Omaha Steaks, ... and list goes on and on... literally hundreds of of online stores participate in Lambshops!  So, PLEASE consider making this one little change in your online shopping habits and make a difference for all our orphans who have so little.  

Thank you guys!  Oh, and HAPPY OCTOBER!  

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