Sunday, June 2, 2013

Knowing God.....

I've been having conversations with several different people lately about how to hear God speaking to you.   One of the "techniques" I think God uses to speak to me is to repeatedly put the same message in my face from many different sources.

Man, in the past 24 hrs.,  He has swamped me with one message.   -- He wants me to KNOW Him.   

The first time I got the message yesterday came from a random video that a friend posted on "Telly".  I was just hanging out at home, messing around with my phone and trying to figure out the "Telly" app yesterday when this Nick Vujicic video popped up on my feed. (Thanks Amanda Miller!) The last thing he says hit me hard:

"Do you know me?... and Who'd ya bring?"  -- Wow.   There is the question.  "Do you know me?"

Later in the day, I went to my gym to workout.  I jumped on the first treadmill that was open and the tv was set to a local tv channel.  I grabbed the remote as I started into my little walk --- I was just about to change it to watch some mindless show when the girl on the screen caught my eye.  "I know her", I thought to myself.  Sure enough... it was Karyn Williams, a wonderful singer/songwriter who I had the pleasure of spending a little time with one day when we were set up on a writing appointment together. Karyn has some new music out, which you can check out here.....   but as wonderful as her music was, it was something she said that almost knocked me off the treadmill.  She said, "I think when we get to heaven, God's going to ask us, 'Did you know me?  Did you love me?  Did you serve me?  Who did you tell about me?"  ---- Uh...... ok.  That's weird.  Almost the same message from 2 random sources in the same day.  Maybe God is speaking to me and I'm not listening.

At that point.... I remembered a conversation I had recently with my friend Kim who said, she believes that she truly gets confirmation that it is God speaking to her when she gets the same message 3 times.  3 times.  Ok....  let's see if it comes my way again.

Yep.... it came.  I opened up my daily morning devotional book, "Jesus Calling" this morning and there it was.    It said:

"It is through knowing Me intimately that you become like Me.  This requires spending time alone with Me.  Let go, relax, be still, and  know that I am God."

Third times a charm, right?   So I think God is telling me that He wants me to know him better.  That He wants me to truly understand Him.  Although, I'm not sure anyone can ever fully understand our Almighty Father.... I'm sure willing to try.   

We are called to love God.  But how can we love someone we don't really know?  So.....

How do YOU work at getting to know God?   Is it through reading the bible ... or other books?   Is it through prayer?   Is it through worship?     Do tell....

... and have a blessed Sunday everyone!!  

Love you all.... M 

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