Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 2012 - Update

Thanksgiving and other stuff-ing... :-)

Are you ready for some Turkey???  Yeah, me too!  I love Thanksgiving!  It's my favorite holiday... no stress from buying presents, just food, family and football!  LOVE IT!!

I'm feeling particularly blessed this Thanksgiving.  I know that I have SO much to be thankful for.  Has anything extraordinary happened in my life lately?  Well, no.. not really.  But as I'm getting a little (ahem) older... I think I'm starting to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and I'm loving it.  :-)  

You know, there ARE some pretty extraordinary people in my life....and I'm honored to call many of them my friends.  And BOY, did my friends come through for me last night!!  Most of you know that I've gotten involved with a very special organization called "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach", which my friend Melissa Irwin started a couple of years ago.  It's an Orphan Care Ministry which is doing great things for orphans overseas AND here in the states.  We had our first "official" fundraiser at Sambuca here in Nashville last night and I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my singer/songwriter friends who so willingly offered their time and talents to help make the event at huge success!   Brice LongJon VeznerLee Thomas MillerBritt SavageDaisy Mallory, and my "Janglers" sister and brother, Kim Parent and Jim Kimball.... you guys ROCK!!    Also, a big THANK YOU to Wes Little, who helped us get a PA together at the last minute.  He heard we needed help and immediately took action.... you gotta LOVE friends like that!  

Also....I'm SO grateful to my awesome husband, Mike Waldron... who not only helped me in SO many ways last night, but also produced a beautiful track for the new BFGO theme song, "Legacy of Love" that I co-wrote with Kim Parent and Melissa Irwin.  I just added "Legacy of Love" to my music player on my official website .. ( Take a minute to go over and listen to it when you can!!  -- That's Melissa singing the beautiful vocal on this track.  No, she's not a professional singer, but I don't think there is a voice more perfect for this song than hers.  She has a simple, yet heartfelt delivery.. and I know it's because she means every single word that she's singing.  I hope you'll take a listen to our song, and also go to and check out the work that this organization is doing!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving... surrounded by loved ones. If you are traveling, travel safely!  ...and I hope you all find a way to feel blessed in whatever circumstance you find yourself in this year.   Just remember... if you find yourself feeling like your family is about to get on your last nerve while you argue over who's going to cut the turkey, just realize there's somebody out there who would give anything to have a family to argue with.  This year, find the "bless in the mess"..... and the extraordinary in the ordinary!!

Much love... M

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