Friday, August 10, 2012

August update....

August 2012
I can FEEL it comin'.... fall, chili, and FOOTBALL!  It's just around the corner!!  Whoo-hoo... We've had a l-o-n-g hot summer here in Nashville and I'm ready for the cooler temps to come in.   My youngest has started school already (Aug. 1st -- early, right???) and we've settled into our school year routine.  
Gigs?  -- Well, I'll be heading down to Roswell, GA next month on Sept. 7th to perform with my great friend James Casto at the Chattahoochie Nature Center.  Mike Willis will also be joining us on this VERY cool gig!   If you are anywhere near the Atlanta area, COME SEE US!  I guarantee you'll LOVE this venue, as well as James and Mike!  Here's the website for tix and other info on the gig:
In other news, I've been writing alot these days and getting excited about the possibility of recording some new material soon.... 'bout time, huh?  :-)
Annnnd....Don't forget to visit my Official Music Website for more info about upcoming gigs!!
Ya'll behave... M

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