Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you ever wonder how God speaks to you?  Truth is, He probably has several different methods of "speaking" to us.  I have some theories on this subject, but that's for another day, another blog post.   Today I'm going to focus on just one way that I think God speaks to ME, and that's when I seem to get the same message from different sources multiple times.   I know you know what I'm talking about.... for instance:

I've been praying alot about what I need to do in my life to get to a better understanding of God and His path for me in this world.  In one of my prayers, my friend Melissa Irwin popped into my head and when I think of Melissa, the word "obedient" always pops into my head.  I have mentioned Melissa several times on this blog (she started "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach", a non-profit which I proudly sit on the Board of Directors).  Her ability to live in faith and obedience always inspires me.

Then, later that day, I was reading my Daily Bible Reading from and it lead me to Deuteronomy 1 - 4.  This is the story of the Israelites rebellion against God's command to go into the hill country of the Amorites.  This story is SO indicative of human nature, as the people first refuse to go into the hill country out of fear.. so they don't follow God's command and rebel.  --- THEN, when God becomes angry with them and says, "Ok, you guys blew it, now you don't get the good land", the people rebel against THAT and say, "Oh no, you can't take away our blessing, we are going NOW."  But then God says, "You better NOT go NOW, because if you do, I'm not going with you and you will lose."....  What do they do?  They go anyway.   They don't follow God's instructions.  They go on  their terms and it is disastrous for them.   MAN, how many times have I followed that pattern in my own life....??   ALOT.  

THEN... this morning, I get Pastor Pete's blog in my email.  The title of his post is "Do you need a miracle?"  And GUESS what it's about?????    Obedience.  

"Miracles always occur on the other side of obedience."

 Ok, God, I hear ya.   I need to be more obedient in my life... but, how?   In what area?  

My finances?
My faith?
My marriage?
My career?
My parenting?
Maybe all of the above???

What about you guys?   Have you seen miracles occur in your lives after a step of faith?   A direct result of obedience maybe?   What do you think?

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