Thursday, June 21, 2012

Somebody Noticed Me.....

"A simple compliment, not a conversation. Just a compliment. What does it hurt, what does it require to generously give a simple compliment... to a stranger? It costs you nothing. Most of the time we walk through society solving some issue, whether it is a struggle with a loved one, or just how to make ends meet with the bills. Whether the struggle is great or small, when we get a compliment during that moment, it changes our state of being. What a lovely necklace. That blue shirt sure brings out the color of your eyes. Man, you look like you could conquer the world today! Don't worry, 90% of the time they wont reply with anything more than, "thank you." But, watch their body. Everything changes. Their shoulders come back. They may blush a little. They smile, not only with their lips but their face, and their body. Somebody noticed me. I'm not invisible. Giving simple acknowledgement to your neighbor is a great way to love them. I see you. I accept you. I believe in you. We are neighbors." 

My friend, Austin posted this today on his Facebook page and I had to copy and share it.  

Notice someone today.  Give a simple compliment.  Make them feel special for a moment.   I'll bet it will make you feel special for a moment too.  :-)

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