Monday, June 11, 2012

Empty Promises, fishing, and Rock City.

Pete Wilson, my pastor at Crosspoint Community Church here in Nashville, just released his second book, "Empty Promises".  Most of you know how much I loved his first book, "Plan B" so I was really excited when "Empty Promises" came out.  Unfortunately, life has been extra busy for me lately, so although I ordered the book immediately when it came out, I haven't gotten the time to sit down and read it.... until now.

This weekend, The Hubs and I rented a little cabin down at Tim's Ford Lake in Winchester, TN.  We needed a little break and this was the perfect getaway.  Mike took his little fishing boat and planned on spending much of his time out on the lake.  I took several books with me and settled in for a weekend of reading and relaxing.  It was a wonderful trip.  He fished, I read... we took a canoe trip down the Elk River and even drove over to Lookout Mountain, where we toured Rock City.  The weather was a bit dreary, but if you know ME, you know I love "dreary", so I enjoyed it.  :-)

Anyway... back to "Empty Promises".  After one chapter, I decided to blog while reading this one, similar to the way I blogged about the last book we read during our Thursday Morning Women's Group, "Embracing Your Second Calling".  Blogging while reading does 2 things.  1) It helps encourage others to read along with me.   2) It helps ME take each chapter slowly, making sure I get each drop of encouragement and re-direction it has to give to me.  

SO... this is notice to anyone who might want to read along.  It's my summer reading/blogging choice.   Order your copy and follow along... you can leave your thoughts here along with me.  Let's do this together!   There are 12 chapters.  I'd like to cover this book within 8 weeks... so some weeks we will do more than one chapter.   Starting now...  I'll write my views on the Foreword (by Rick Warren) and Chapter 1 tomorrow.   Then we will go from there.  

One other request/reminder.  If you choose to order this book, PLEASE consider going through our BFGO Lambshops site.  You can order the book directly from Barnes & Noble, but if you go THRU Lambshops, BFGO will get a portion of the cost directed to our charity and it won't cost you one penny more!  -- Every little bit helps!!

 I hope some of you will join me as I read this book.  I just know that it will bless us all!! -- Happy Summer Reading!


  1. Marcia, I'm SO GLAD you're doing this! I've been wanting to read Pete's new book, but I've been buried is research for my next book. But your blogging will keep me prompted. Hope I can keep up! So glad you all had such a great weekend! I was praying for you!

  2. Great Diane! I'd love for you to join me!! I've had a couple of others interested as well.... it will be fun! We had a delightful weekend..... not quite DISNEY-fun, but still relaxing. :-) Thanks for the prayers!